World News(226) 205,090人がフォロー Robert Scoble が作成

These are organizations that cover and report the world's news. From BBC to New York Times.

Chief Ministers of India(55) 172,768人がフォロー Twitter Moments India が作成

A list of current chief ministers and their offices from across India.

Premier League Clubs(20) 165,330人がフォロー Premier League が作成

Official accounts of all 20 Premier League clubs

Indian Politicians(75) 147,197人がフォロー The Indian Express が作成

Politicians across parties that are active on Twitter that you could follow.

India News(109) 126,723人がフォロー Twitter Moments India が作成

News media groups and publishers from India

Major US news orgs(39) 120,484人がフォロー Twitter Moments が作成

A collection of media outlets covering news relevant to the US and the world.

BreakingNews(147) 108,913人がフォロー Patrick LaForge が作成

The latest headlines from top online news sources.

Global Football Players(184) 102,930人がフォロー が作成

Some of the biggest names of the beautiful game. More lists @FIFAWorldCup & @FIFAWWC.

News Sources(266) 100,020人がフォロー BBC Breaking News が作成

List of external news organisations, journalists and other news sources

US Celebrities - Music(71) 96,631人がフォロー Twitter Moments が作成

Notable musicians and singers popular in North America.

African Leaders 🌐(142) 83,128人がフォロー Twiplomacy 😷 が作成

Heads of state and government of the African Union on Twitter. More at

India journalists(210) 81,851人がフォロー Twitter Moments India が作成

Journalists based in and Tweeting about India.

justinfollowplease(83) 79,136人がフォロー Justin Bieber Army が作成

Beliebers that would like to be followed by Justin.

K-pop news(51) 71,791人がフォロー Twitter Moments が作成

Notable accounts related to news in the K-pop industry.

Senate Republicans(73) 66,104人がフォロー Senate Republicans が作成

Members + Committees of the United States Senate

Pakistan news(72) 63,437人がフォロー Twitter Moments UK & Ireland が作成

A collection of reporters, analysts covering the Pakistan region.

Gaming(65) 60,182人がフォロー IGN が作成

LFC Squad (26) 58,717人がフォロー Liverpool FC (Premier League Champions 🏆) が作成

Follow all the #LFC squad on Twitter. All accounts verified by LFC

Premier League player(276) 57,522人がフォロー Premier League が作成

My Team (12) 56,316人がフォロー Justin Bieber が作成


International affairs(7) 55,060人がフォロー The Hindu が作成

The Hindu's foreign correspondents and journalists who focus on international affairs and diplomacy

politics + news(481) 54,439人がフォロー shauna が作成

a very messy but thorough list of political/news accts, added & removed at random

Tamil films(166) 53,579人がフォロー Twitter Moments India が作成

Featuring actors, technicians, musicians and journalists associated with the Tamil film industry.

Asian Leaders 🌐(145) 53,171人がフォロー Twiplomacy 😷 が作成

Asian heads of state and government on Twitter. For more information go to

Premier League clubs(31) 53,106人がフォロー Sky Sports News が作成

SenateDemocrats(67) 52,289人がフォロー Senate Democrats が作成

Democratic Senators on Twitter

Official FCB accounts(21) 51,458人がフォロー FC Barcelona が作成

Space Agencies(73) 49,011人がフォロー Twitter Moments が作成

Keep across what the world's space agencies are working on up above.

LGBTQ+(70) 48,965人がフォロー Twitter Moments Brasil が作成

Perfis que fazem parte ou falam sobre a comunidade LGBTQ+

Astronauts in Space Now(3) 48,068人がフォロー NASA が作成

Astronauts aboard the International Space Station who are tweeting from orbit.

House Republicans(198) 44,340人がフォロー House Republicans が作成

House Republicans serving in the 116th Congress

MSNBC Hosts(41) 42,564人がフォロー MSNBC が作成

#WorldCup winners(137) 41,791人がフォロー FIFA World Cup が作成

A list of player, team and Federation accounts of #WorldCup winners on Twitter.

Crisis Response(15) 41,352人がフォロー Twitterライフライン が作成


Harry Styles(2) 40,278人がフォロー One Direction が作成

Harry's official twitter profile

Stranger Things(12) 38,784人がフォロー Twitter Moments が作成

A list of actors and accounts from the Stranger Things franchise.

Zayn Malik(2) 37,721人がフォロー One Direction が作成

Zayn's Official Profile

Niall Horan(2) 36,381人がフォロー One Direction が作成

Niall's Official Profile.

Louis Tomlinson(2) 35,671人がフォロー One Direction が作成

Louis' Official Profile

Official Lakers(34) 35,499人がフォロー Los Angeles Lakers が作成

WWE Superstars(111) 35,449人がフォロー WWE が作成

A list of the Superstars of WWE on Twitter ... in 140 characters or less.

YouTubers(120) 35,217人がフォロー Twitter Moments Australia が作成

Some of the biggest content creators on YouTube.

Gaming News(144) 35,039人がフォロー Twitter Moments が作成

A collection of reporters, writers and media outlets covering the gaming industry.

Epidemic Science & Health(44) 34,975人がフォロー Josh Marshall が作成

List of epidemiologists, researchers, public health experts & journalists tracking COVID-19.

Liam Payne(2) 34,686人がフォロー One Direction が作成

Liam's Official Profile

US Celebrities - TV(143) 34,458人がフォロー Twitter Moments が作成

Notable television stars and public figures popular to North American viewers.

One Direction(5) 34,292人がフォロー One Direction が作成

United Nations 🇺🇳(893) 33,792人がフォロー Twiplomacy 😷 が作成

Twitter accounts of the United Nations, UN agencies and UN campaigns #UnitedNations #UN 🇺🇳

Ex-Players/Greats(31) 33,672人がフォロー Arsenal が作成

Some of our fan favourites

Senators(104) 32,955人がフォロー CSPAN が作成

Tweets from U.S. Senators (or their staffs).