UEFA Champions League(100) 43,455人がフォロー Twitter Moments en Español が作成

Medios especializados y periodistas que hablan sobre la Liga de Campeones de la UEFA.

Sunday news shows(6) 42,672人がフォロー Twitter Moments が作成

Official accounts of Sunday news programming in the US.

Humor(103) 42,098人がフォロー The Clinic が作成

Crisis Response(15) 41,210人がフォロー Twitterライフライン が作成


Senators(104) 40,692人がフォロー CSPAN が作成

Tweets from U.S. Senators (or their staffs).

Asia and Pacific(66) 39,960人がフォロー United Nations が作成

Investors/VC/Angel(4,851) 38,620人がフォロー Robert Scoble が作成

Venture capitalists and angel investors (tech centric).

The Art of Comedy(50) 38,422人がフォロー Twitter Moments が作成

A list of US comedians.

News Sources(364) 37,231人がフォロー The Week が作成

Curated by

Tech News(373) 36,693人がフォロー Robert Scoble が作成

The most complete list of tech news outlets (from the BBC to TechCrunch).

Diplomatic Missions 🤝🌐(4,993) 36,419人がフォロー Twiplomacy 😷 ➡️following #UNGA #UN75🇺🇳 online👀 が作成

Complete list of embassies, consulates & diplomatic missions on Twitter. Ambassador list is above.

#TheMandalorian(12) 34,914人がフォロー Disney+ が作成

Cast and crew of The Mandalorian

CNBC Accounts(47) 34,342人がフォロー CNBC が作成

Official CNBC accounts from around the globe.

One Direction(5) 34,012人がフォロー One Direction が作成

Wall Street Influencers(159) 33,823人がフォロー CNBC が作成

The biggest Wall Street names to watch on Twitter.

United Nations 🇺🇳(894) 33,708人がフォロー Twiplomacy 😷 が作成

Twitter accounts of the United Nations, UN agencies and UN campaigns #UnitedNations #UN 🇺🇳

Post Politics(52) 33,216人がフォロー The Washington Post が作成

Reporters, bloggers and polling staff of The Washington Post.

Streaming/Premium TV(19) 31,116人がフォロー Twitter Moments が作成

A list of accounts related to streaming and premium services.

Politics, by women(116) 30,655人がフォロー David Leonhardt が作成

Political scientists, journalists, politicians and other political experts.

The WWE universe(247) 30,145人がフォロー Twitter Moments が作成

WWE stars, alumni, hall of famers and official accounts.

Food Journalism(10) 28,396人がフォロー Twitter Moments が作成

Some reporters and publications from the food industry.

Political Reporters(138) 27,845人がフォロー CSPAN が作成

National Political Reporters

Foreign Affairs 🤝(368) 27,569人がフォロー Twiplomacy 😷 ➡️following #UNGA #UN75🇺🇳 online👀 が作成

Ministers and Ministries of Foreign Affairs on Twitter. For more information go to

Gov. departments(111) 27,564人がフォロー BuzzFeed News が作成

State departments, DA offices, senate committees, etc.

Anchors and Reporters(193) 26,882人がフォロー ABS-CBN News が作成

ABS-CBN News reporters, anchors, and execs

Bloomberg Feeds(37) 26,376人がフォロー Bloomberg が作成

Bloomberg on Twitter

Space Science News(778) 26,184人がフォロー Fraser Cain が作成

U.S. Politics(155) 25,898人がフォロー Andrew Kragie が作成

Real reporting, not just 'breaking' RTs. And tweets w substance, not just links.

Members of Congress(564) 25,533人がフォロー CSPAN が作成

Tweets from members of Congress.

High Profile Gamers(83) 25,298人がフォロー Twitter Moments UK & Ireland が作成

Some of the world's best-known gamers.

Coronavirus Information(27) 25,241人がフォロー が作成

Health & Science Experts #COVID19 #coronavirus

Cyber security(81) 25,048人がフォロー Twitter Moments が作成

A list of accounts sharing information about cyber and data security.

U.S. Politics (2019)(96) 25,005人がフォロー Max Temkin が作成

Political journalists and commentators recommended by @MaxTemkin.

Correspondents + Contribs(10) 24,595人がフォロー The Daily Show が作成

Black Media(480) 24,492人がフォロー Jamil Smith が作成

Black folks doing work in press/media spaces. I made this just to celebrate us. + suggestions? @ me.

travel news & companies(643) 24,157人がフォロー JD ANDREWS が作成

travel news on Twitter

Astronauts(53) 24,027人がフォロー NASA が作成

You can follow NASA astronauts through this list or just

Government of Canada(61) 23,853人がフォロー CanadianPM が作成

COVID-19 Experts/Centers(25) 23,753人がフォロー Johns Hopkins University が作成

Johns Hopkins University and Medicine accounts to follow for expert input on novel coronavirus.

New York Times Politics(72) 23,709人がフォロー NYT Politics が作成

Journalists and editors covering politics for the New York Times

#LetsTalk Mental Health(68) 23,611人がフォロー Twitter Nonprofits が作成

A list of global mental health organizations that offer resources to help those in need.

Comic Publications(20) 23,282人がフォロー Twitter Moments が作成

A list of notable comic book and comic genre publications.

Women Leaders ♀️(44) 23,259人がフォロー Twiplomacy 😷 が作成

Female presidents, prime ministers, foreign ministers and heads of international organisations. ♀️

Cinema(53) 22,498人がフォロー Twitter Moments Brasil が作成

Contas que falam sobre cinema nacional e internacional.

Ent News Insiders(40) 22,427人がフォロー Twitter Moments が作成

Publications and personalities related to the entertainment industry.

Indonesia news(39) 22,381人がフォロー Twitter Moments が作成

A collection of reporters and news outlets covering Indonesia affairs.

Ambassadors 🎓(1,825) 22,322人がフォロー Twiplomacy 😷 が作成

Complete list of ambassadors and heads of missions on Twitter. List of diplomatic missions is below.

Art/Design Twitter(68) 22,245人がフォロー Twitter Moments が作成

A list of art and design accounts.

Reuters Topics(18) 22,212人がフォロー Reuters が作成

A list of official Reuters accounts.

Game Developers(46) 21,908人がフォロー IGN が作成