activists(611) 23,679人がフォロー @nonprofitorgs / Nonprofit Tech for Good が作成

Ambassadors 🎓(1,872) 23,648人がフォロー Twiplomacy 😷 ➡️following #UNGA #UN75🇺🇳 online👀 が作成

Complete list of ambassadors and heads of missions on Twitter. List of diplomatic missions is below.

COVID-19 Experts/Centers(25) 23,619人がフォロー Johns Hopkins University が作成

Johns Hopkins University and Medicine accounts to follow for expert input on novel coronavirus.

K-Pop(39) 23,263人がフォロー Twitter Moments Brasil が作成

Contas dos principais grupos de K-Pop e fandoms brasileiros.

NYT Official Accounts(42) 22,922人がフォロー The New York Times が作成

Crypto Influencers(300) 22,801人がフォロー Kyle Hill が作成

Top 300 crypto influencers.

Battle Royales(12) 22,664人がフォロー Twitter Moments が作成

Accounts related to the Battle Royale game genre.

Transgender activism(89) 22,287人がフォロー Twitter Moments UK & Ireland が作成

Voices and analysis from the transgender community.

Apple/iPhone/Geek/Tech(289) 21,868人がフォロー JD ANDREWS が作成

geek stuff

Tech Bloggers(95) 21,623人がフォロー Code with Veni が作成

Underrepresented folks in tech who blog

Crypto(234) 21,620人がフォロー Naval が作成

APAC journalists(58) 20,990人がフォロー Twitter Moments が作成

Reporters and writers covering the Asia-Pacific region.

Award shows(14) 20,908人がフォロー Twitter Moments が作成

A list of accounts featuring the main ceremonies from awards season.

UK Weather & Travel(96) 20,354人がフォロー Twitter Moments UK & Ireland が作成

News from transport providers.

Coronavirus coverage(22) 20,162人がフォロー POLITICO が作成

POLITICOs covering the coronavirus crisis, from breaking news to economic & worldwide implications.

Coronavirus experts(113) 20,099人がフォロー Ellie Murray が作成

A list of experts working on or tracking the coronavirus outbreak.

Health News(43) 20,056人がフォロー World Health Organization (WHO) が作成

Compilation of tweets on health news. Listed here doesn't mean contents are endorsed by WHO

Videogamepeeps(168) 20,041人がフォロー Larry Hryb が作成

a16z (and other) partners(65) 19,845人がフォロー a16z が作成

partners who oft contribute content to a16z (as well as to bio and separate a16z crypto fund)

nba-players(320) 19,602人がフォロー NBA が作成

NBA players

Plumas de Proceso(35) 19,513人がフォロー Proceso が作成

COVID-19(79) 19,155人がフォロー Lars Schmidt が作成

A collection of scientists, journalists, etc covering the 2020 Coronavirus / Covid-19 outbreak

航空自衛隊(22) 19,055人がフォロー 防衛省・自衛隊 が作成


Intel & Terrorism(52) 18,884人がフォロー Twitter Moments が作成

Security, intelligence, defense, warfare, terrorism

Tech VIPs(581) 18,871人がフォロー Robert Scoble が作成

People who make stuff happen in and to the technology industry.

COVID(614) 18,064人がフォロー Jeff Jarvis が作成

Experts on the disease: epidemiologists, virologists, physicians, researchers--science.

UN Information Centres(49) 17,799人がフォロー UN Geneva が作成

UN Offices, Information Centres (UNIC) and Information Services (UNIS) around the world.

Humor en La SER(19) 17,540人がフォロー Cadena SER が作成

Las voces del humor de la Cadena SER

Thailand news and media(44) 17,349人がフォロー Twitter Moments UK & Ireland が作成

News, culture and analysis from Thai and international experts and journalists.

World Leaders(64) 17,239人がフォロー Twitter Verified が作成

Movie Stars From the UK(42) 16,983人がフォロー Twitter Moments UK & Ireland が作成

Film actors from the UK

investing / finance(369) 16,940人がフォロー Cody Kitaura が作成

Users who tweet about markets, stocks, personal finance, etc. All viewpoints included.

Bay Area news(78) 16,847人がフォロー Twitter Moments が作成

A collection of journalists and news outlets covering Bay Area events.

AI, ML, and Data Science(2,428) 16,491人がフォロー Robert Scoble が作成

People and companies working in artificial intelligence, machine learning.

NOAA/NWS Offices(150) 16,100人がフォロー National Weather Service が作成

CBC News(115) 15,944人がフォロー CBC News が作成

A comprehensive list of CBC News on Twitter.

Design(35) 15,925人がフォロー Roger Byrne が作成

Pretty much all the #design links you will ever need! Turn off your RSS!

TeamNRO(41) 15,569人がフォロー National Review が作成

The Verge(67) 15,523人がフォロー The Verge が作成

The Verge writers, editors, and staff

FOLKS IN THE BIZ(374) 15,517人がフォロー Marci Liroff が作成

An eclectic list of talented & creative folks in showbiz

BBC News Official(107) 15,220人がフォロー BBC News (UK) が作成

List of BBC News presenters, correspondents and reporters tweeting officially

DIPUTADOS/AS CONGRESO(34) 15,036人がフォロー Podemos Congreso が作成

Perfiles de twitter de los/as diputados y diputadas del GP de Podemos•En Comú Podem•En Marea.

Warriors on Twitter(37) 15,031人がフォロー Golden State Warriors が作成

European Leaders 🌐(173) 14,703人がフォロー Twiplomacy 😷 #WearAMask #StaySafe が作成

European heads of state and government on Twitter. For more information go to

Examiners(51) 14,594人がフォロー Washington Examiner が作成

Our journalists bringing you the latest political news and analysis.

Ciências humanas(50) 14,540人がフォロー Twitter Moments Brasil が作成

Perfis de pesquisadores, jornalistas e professores que falam sobre as Ciências Humanas.

Leadership(313) 14,519人がフォロー Hannah Morgan が作成

Virus scientists(24) 14,439人がフォロー David Leonhardt が作成

Academic experts who can help you understand the coronavirus, from The New York Times

Periodistas en México(50) 14,376人がフォロー AFP Factual 🔎 が作成

All Elite Wrestling(67) 14,339人がフォロー Twitter Moments が作成

The stars of AEW in one place.